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Per request (how did I know you'd want to see photos, [ profile] dirtyjew?!?), this post contains pictures of our bug.

Funny thing is, we discovered tonight that our bug is actually TWO bugs! I was coming upstairs and found what appeared to be our bug at the top- on his back, antennae barely moving. (I will admit to being a bit saddened that he looked so close to heading to bug heaven.) I eventually was able to get him to grip onto the end of a Q-tip and brought him downstairs to chill on one of the plants.

I went back upstairs and, to my surprise, found his twin just outside the bedroom door (a mere 2 feet from where I had just rescued poor bug #1). I snapped a few pics and was going to let him go on his way when Luka decided that bug #2 looked like a fun plaything and pounced. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get Luka to go away so I could scoop bug #2 up and safely transport him down the the plant to be rejoined with his twin. Who would have figured someone could get so worked up over a couple of bugs?

Anywho... Here's the little guy who dodged a painful death by ferocious kitten )
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There's been a random monster bug in our room for the past week. Normally we would carefully capture it and put it outside "where it belongs," but neither of us have been able to. Mostly because it's freezing and we're both worried it will die if we relocate it.

What is odd is that I've seen it at least 3 times in the past week and never mentioned it to Kat. Just last night she said, "Just so you don't freak out, there's this bug in the bedroom..." So we discussed how we've both been letting it go about its business and how strange we found it that neither of us had done anything when usually there would be no question of moving the prickly-looking thing.

I admitted to actually talking to the bug and telling it that as long as it stayed away from the bed I had no problem with it hanging out in the warmth of the house. Yes, I know. I'm a super "woo woo" nutter. Deal.

This morning, I found Luka in the sink again. I managed to snap a few photos, but not before he stopped the cute lounging pose.

Here They Are )

In other news, I'm walking around with sharpie marker on my arm. It feels silly, but I'm testing out the tattoo I want to get next and making sure I like the placement. So far so good. If all goes well, I should be able to get the tat within the next week or so. I've been craving another tattoo in the most serious way for a while now, so hoooray for new ink!

Ho Hum

Dec. 20th, 2006 06:23 pm
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"Wasted" a lot of time today. My website has some new content, which means I had to completely redo the menu. I'll need to figure out a better way to manage the menu soon or I'll cry every time I want to add something to the site!

Signed up with a local oil company, after screaming to no one in particular about how much I hate having an oil furnace. There's a local place that delivers BioFuel, so I jumped on that bandwagon. Their mix is 30% biofuel (higher than some mixes used for cars), which means a cleaner more efficient burn. Not to mention a more eco-friendly option. Hooray! They deliver tomorrow, so I guess I can stop being such a scrooge about how often we crank the heat on...

Ok, I hear Luka screaming for his dinner. Off to feed the furry ones and start dinner for us humans, too!
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Our new kitty has been named Luka

Thanks to all who voted in the poll.

P.S. Anyone who wants to stay on Kat's good side will refrain from singing the Suzanne Vega song.

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We finally figured out how to get rid of baby fever- adopt a new (non human) family member! So here is the latest addition to our furry family:

We're having trouble deciding on a name for him, though. Want to help???

[Poll #890926]

More Ghosts

Nov. 4th, 2006 09:21 pm
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It seems that there is a new and more considerate ghost than the last one I reported (see what the? for a refresher).

Coming down the stairs yesterday I heard the distinct sound of the toilet flushing. I go into the downstairs bathroom to find, indeed, the toilet is finishing its downward spiral. Now how, pray tell, does this happen when the only living things present are: myself, a small cat, a parakeet, and a pug?

Either this is an improved version of the old cheese-cutter, or this house came fully loaded with ghosts ready to make their presence known through bodily functions. At least this one was kind enough to flush.
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Rented a few movies on Sunday and just finished them.

"Silent Hill?" A waste of friggin' time. I've seen people at a bus stop that scared me more than this movie did. Blah freakin' blah.

"40 Year Old Virgin" was considerably funnier than I thought it would be. And the waxing scene? Yeah, I sympathize.

But I have to say that "Thank You For Smoking" was the best. It's humorous but smart, and has perhaps one of the best lines I've heard recently:

"The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese!"

Seriously, though, watch it if you haven't already. Sheer brilliance.

Now I have to stop watching movies and be productive. The leaves won't rake themselves, nor will the bookshelves magically walk to their intended resting spots. But until the sun comes back up, I'll have to be content in ordering a dishwasher to replace the wine fridge in the kitchen. If I drank wine it might be worth it, but my inner fag is screaming, "get rid of the dishpan hands so there's more time for decorating!"

what the?

Oct. 2nd, 2006 06:52 pm
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I swear to g-d...

It was rainy and gross the other night and the new house has no overhangs, so I opened up the garage door for ventilation and went to smoke. And at some point during this quiet smoke in my quiet garage in my quiet neighborhood there came the most distinctive farting sound... from inside the garage.

Considering it was only me out there, I can only conclude that it was a ghost who cut the cheese. Now, I don't mind them hanging out or even messing with lights, radios, etc. But farting in my home? Come on, have a bit of respect for the living, will ya?
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I went shopping today. No, not in the self-indulgent "whee, i'm spending money!" way. More like the "I'm gonna do this if it kills me!" way.  Purchases included:

- Sticky furniture pad thingies to keep the couches from sliding and scratching the floor
- Paint stripper so I can start the process of refinishing the coffee and side tables
- A couple of brushes for refinishing project
- A large plant for the living room (dunno what kind it is, but the base is 4 different stalks (right word?) all twisted together.)
- 1 new hoodie because Jockey makes some pretty cool hoodies and I can't live without one
- Pur water filter system for the kitchen sink because the water tastes not so delicious here without a filter

So the plant has found its new home, the furniture pad thingies have been stuck on, and the water filtration system is a go. Really, its the little things that count in making you feel at home.

Tomorrow I begin the stripping job  ; )
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Moving a sleeper sofa by yourself is NOT a good idea!

Furniture arrived yesterday. The delivery guys pointed to the living room area and said "It's going there?" I told them it was and it would probably be easiest to bring it in through the garage, since the living room is right off the garage. So I go in and open the garage door and the delivery guy says "We'll bring it right here" (meaning the garage). I said it would probably be easiest to just bring it in, but he insisted that it would be easier to unpack the furniture in the garage and then bring it in. Stupid me, I hadn't brought any money to bribe the delivery dickheads to bring it IN to the house. So they dumped it all in the garage. All 8 pieces.

I managed to haul all the pieces for the bed in and up the stairs (headboard, footboard, frame, boxspring and mattress). I also got the sofa and loveseat into the family room- unwrapped and looking gorgeous. Then I tried to bring the sleeper sofa in.

Holy mother of bejeezus. First, it's heavy as hell. Ridiculous of me to try to be all butch and drag it in myself. Second, the doorframe wasn't wide enough. We'll just say that I spent a good 1/2 hour or more pulling, pushing, and body slamming the damn thing to try and make it fit. Sadly I did not have the proper tools to take the door off it's hinges, so I'll have to attempt that today or tomorrow. 

Woke up this morning with every muscle in my body screaming at me. In an odd way, it kind of feels good now... Don't even ask me to get into the psychology of why that is.

I also got a random text message at 2:30 in the morning. What really tripped me out was that it was an exact copy of a message the same person sent to me over a week ago. Neither of us seem to be able to figure out why that happened.

Oh yeah... I'm getting a new computer.. It should show up any day now and I am soooooo friggin' excited. I can't believe the sweet system I was able to create and buy. Killer video and sound cards, backup hard drive.... the works! It's been so long since we've bought a computer (I believe it was 1999?), which is complete torture for a geek like me who wants to download and run everything on the planet. So thanks, Dell!

Today it's more work on the house ( can't decide which one yet!), then have to be at the center for pizza and movie night. At least we'll all get to chill out and watch something gay... I need some mindless entertainment...
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Oy... so much going on lately... And, no, mamma-lah, I have not been eating enough lentils as of late. I'll try to make more of a conscious effort  :P

The plan today was to start moving some things over to the new place. The lawn over there needs to be cut, too. Of course, I got up at 9AM and the temperature was already 80 outside. Now it's 85... wtf??? Maybe I'll just clean around the current house and go find some more boxes for packing.

New furniture should be delivered tomorrow. It will be nice to have a REAL couch to flop onto, a REAL bed to crash in. Friggin' air mattress deflated again last night. I practically had to do gymnastics to get out of the bed frame.

Oh yeah- I got a new icon. Some of you should appreciate this one.

Ok, off to begin working on the insanity that is my house...


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