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Nov. 15th, 2006 11:43 pm
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yipee- 250+ people!!! Fly home tomorrow- updates once i catch up on sleep...
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and we're off! we won't discuss the trans-unfriendly scanners that nearly gave me a coronary. Remind me 2 pack next time i fly...
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Lots to do!

I'm trying to get ready for my trip to Minnesota and it seems like I always forget the small details. Like buying blank cds to make music mixes when I don't have a portable cd player anymore. Perhaps it's time for an ipod? Yeah.... Also had to go buy all new toiletries, since the TSA won't allow containers larger than 3 oz.

And on that note... Tell me, why is it that I can't carry a lighter but I can have up to 3 books of non strike-anywhere matches? Why is a pocket knife considered a weapon when a screwdriver is perfectly fine (provided it's under 7 inches in length)? Totally insane.

At any rate, next up on the list is a decent haircut. And once I get laundry and the dishes done life will be just peachy.

Also- I finally finished updating my site. Matt Kailey was kind enough to allow me to post his keynote speech from the Transcending Boundaries conference, so you should go take a peek. It's a fantastic piece.

Ok, off to get organized so I'm not flailing around at 5 in the morning looking for socks/wallet/itinerary/whatever.

P.S. I most likely will not have internet access while in MN, but I can access Yahoo IM from my cell if you need to reach me.


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