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I saw this post on the local Craigslist today:

I bought a pug puppy a month ago, he is 3 months old. I paid 500 for him. I need to get rid of him ASP do to moving reason. I'm looking for a reasonable adoption fee. First set of shots.

The post came with two pictures of an adorable little pug. And I was pissed. So I posted this in response:

RE: Pug Puppy

This post made me angry when I read it.

You bought a puppy ONE month ago and are already looking to find a new home for him? Maybe you should have thought a bit longer about whether or not you were ready for a new addition to your family before you got him.

Why don't you try one of these next time?

Yes, I know. High and mighty of me, wasn't it? It just makes me so angry.

EDIT: Some jackass sent me an email saying how "judgemental" I was being, so I wrote this back...

It's just the simple truth. Animals are not toys to be bought, played with, and then discarded when they become inconvenient to us.

Perhaps I wouldn't be so angry if the person who posted seemed to have even a shred of love for this animal that they "need to get rid of ASP." But what their post sounds like is "I spent a lot of money on this item and I want to get at least some of it back."

I've seen plenty of re-homing posts on CL that haven't bothered me- because they actually sounded as if they *cared* about the animal. (Just see the latest ad titled "Sweet Beagle" for a prime example).

Every animal in our household was a rescue- either lost and never claimed or deliberately thrown away by some thoughtless person. They deserve better than to be treated like toys.
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