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I forgot to mention the delicious sickness that is "Room 401"!!! Watched it last night and ended up yelling at the t.v. because the episodes are only 1/2 hour long. TOO SHORT, DAMMIT! Here's my favorite prank of the show:

More Ghosts

Nov. 4th, 2006 09:21 pm
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It seems that there is a new and more considerate ghost than the last one I reported (see what the? for a refresher).

Coming down the stairs yesterday I heard the distinct sound of the toilet flushing. I go into the downstairs bathroom to find, indeed, the toilet is finishing its downward spiral. Now how, pray tell, does this happen when the only living things present are: myself, a small cat, a parakeet, and a pug?

Either this is an improved version of the old cheese-cutter, or this house came fully loaded with ghosts ready to make their presence known through bodily functions. At least this one was kind enough to flush.

what the?

Oct. 2nd, 2006 06:52 pm
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I swear to g-d...

It was rainy and gross the other night and the new house has no overhangs, so I opened up the garage door for ventilation and went to smoke. And at some point during this quiet smoke in my quiet garage in my quiet neighborhood there came the most distinctive farting sound... from inside the garage.

Considering it was only me out there, I can only conclude that it was a ghost who cut the cheese. Now, I don't mind them hanging out or even messing with lights, radios, etc. But farting in my home? Come on, have a bit of respect for the living, will ya?


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