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I love that it took this to piss some people off:

Follow the Money

Am I the only one not blinking?
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It amazes me the attitude people can cop- especially when they are in the wrong. Even more amazing to me are the people who come to their defense.

Saying "I am sorry" means nothing if you can't say *what* you are sorry for. It just comes off sounding like a general "Oops. My bad," without taking any real responsibility. You need to really own up; specifically name the wrongs you have done, apologize for each in a sincere way and do something concrete to change what had caused the problem to arise in the first place.

I'm not saying I am perfect. Hell, we all have our faults and we've all done some nasty things (whether intentional or not). But I've really tried to take a good hard look at the things I may have done- the people I may have offended- and done my best to make things right. You can't fix the damage that has been done, but you *can* choose to do your best to make amends and move towards a true healing.

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Aug. 11th, 2008 06:46 pm
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Chef is dead =(

Long live the Chef!

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It just occurred to me that my only recent public posts have been about the Olympics. Guess it's on my mind.

At any rate, I have a thank you to extend to the Chinese government: Thank you for your willingness to act boldly. I couldn't have asked for a better example of the hypocrisy that accompanies the "true spirit of the Olympic Games."

China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist

Any chance this might inspire the US to get off their lazy ass and actually address the fact that China made all sorts of promises they had no intention of honoring in order to secure the Olympics?


Jul. 16th, 2008 10:57 am
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A few of the reasons I'm not watching the Olympics this year (or perhaps ever?), despite my addiction to the summer events...

From Amnesty International:

While you and I are watching the Beijing Olympics in August, Ye Guozhu and thousands of other Chinese are going to be sitting in prison, locked up for peacefully protesting government policies.

Ye Guozhu and his family... were evicted from their home and restaurant in 2003, which were razed to make way for the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Three days after he requested permission to hold a public demonstration against the forced evictions, Ye Guozhu was arrested. He was convicted of "stirring up trouble" and sentenced to four years in prison. In jail, he has reportedly been beaten, subjected to electro-shocks, and forced to hang from his arms for extended periods.

While we're watching the Olympic Games on TV, many Chinese citizens are unable to speak out for basic human rights without the risk of persecution and prison.

The great "unifying" torch tradition got its start during the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Berlin. Officials saw the carrying of the torch as a way to reconnect with ancient Greek tradition. The 1936 may also have been the official beginning of what has now become routine "relocations" and/or arrests of "undesirables" in the area the Olympics are to be held. (See for more info.)

And lest you think *our* country is immune from these problems, here is just one fine example:

Atlanta's Olympic Legacy: More Poverty, Less Freedom
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I love this website. So many fun toys!

This one should amuse one of you in particular: It's Titanium!


Jun. 25th, 2008 02:37 pm
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Yep- it's official. I love Alanis!

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Те кто не может помнить прошлое осуждены повторить это. -Джорджа Сантаяна


Jun. 5th, 2008 11:05 am
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Just one example of why I love her...


May. 13th, 2008 08:36 pm
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The MassResistance report on Massachusetts Youth Pride is finally up! Not that I want to encourage them by boosting their site traffic, but it's worth it for the sheer amusement. Really, how can you pass up reading about "an award for outstanding service was given to hardcore homosexual and transgender activist" and all about the "transgender prom" (which is actually the BAGLY Queer Prom)?

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